BREAKING: Cristiano Ronaldo Has Received A 'Formal Proposal' Worth £173 Million A Season

Cristiano Ronaldo has got a 'formal proposal' from Al Nassr worth a stunning £173 million per season.

As per transfer analyst Fabrizio Romano, the Saudi Arabian squad has submitted an attractive deal to entice the 37-year-old to the Middle East.

The formal proposal is thought to be close to £173 million till June 2025, making it a world record deal in football.

Al Nassr contacted Ronaldo during the summer transfer window, however the famous forward chose to remain in Europe.

According to the report, sponsorship agreements constitute a significant portion of the proposal. Ronaldo's attorneys will investigate whether or not the image rights may be agreed upon.

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Ronaldo, who is now on international assignment with Portugal, has not yet decided on his future club since he is preoccupied with the World Cup.

He has yet to negotiate, sign, or accept any proposal, leaving his future uncertain amid increasing transfer rumours.

Yasser Al-Misehal, president of the Saudi Arabia Football Association, seeks to recruit the former Juventus and Real Madrid player to Saudi Arabia.

[We'd like to have a player like Cristiano Ronaldo participate in the Saudi league,] he said The Athletic.
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[It would generate a lot of good response and be tremendous news for everyone. All are aware of Cristiano Ronaldo's accomplishments and records, but he is also regarded as a role model.]

Al-Misehal further added:  I know,  it would be a very pricey agreement, but our clubs' income have been increasing in recent years." We've already seen some famous players from the Premier League move to the Saudi league."

Ronaldo's deal with Manchester United was terminated after a controversial interview with Piers Morgan last month.

Newcastle United, who are sponsored by Saudi Arabia, are also said to be interested in signing him.

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