David De Gea leaves Man United after 12 years While Marcus Rashford Makes an Unfortunate Error in his Goodbye Message

When Marcus Rashford or his social media staff wrote a farewell message to David de Gea, it was a regrettable mistake.

After serving Manchester United for 12 years, it was formally announced on Friday that the Spanish goalkeeper has departed the team.

The 32-year-old former Atletico Madrid shot-stopper is going to take on a new challenge and "drive myself again in new surroundings" after failing to reach an agreement on the parameters of a new contract.

De Gea wrote a heartfelt leaving text to United supporters on his social media accounts after winning the Premier League, FA Cup, and Europa League during his tenure.

He remarked, [I want to convey my sincere thanks and appreciation for the affection you have shown me over the previous 12 years].

[Since my beloved Sir Alex Ferguson welcomed me to this club, we've accomplished a lot. I felt tremendous satisfaction each time I put on this shirt since only a select few lucky footballers are given the opportunity to captain the group and represent the largest club in the world].

Many former and current colleagues, such as Bruno Fernandes, Harry Maguire, Casemiro, Fred, and Juan Mata, would have to wish De Gea the best.
Image credit: Instagram/marcusrashford

Though it was for all the wrong reasons, Rashford's message would get the greatest momentum.

As shown in the screenshot below, he uploaded a photo of the two embracing on his Instagram account along with the caption: 

"Caption ideas: Good luck with your new step brother, you were here for my breakthrough."

Although we are aware that athletes rarely manage their social media accounts, many fans saw the mistake, and the post quickly gained popularity on Twitter.

"Iconic player for your team," said one admirer. You can't even think of a sentence on your own to write from the heart and thoughts. That is both sad and funny.
This is why I don't believe anything football players post about other teammates on their social media, said a second.

Rashford is on vacation in Ibiza, do you truly believe he's posting on social media? a third person said.

Many people complimented United player Bruno Fernandes for his farewell speech to De Gea, who played 545 times for the Reds.

David De Gea leaves Man United after 12 years While Marcus Rashford Makes an Unfortunate Error in his Goodbye Message.

He remarked, [You will always be a legend at this football team]. You are aware of my feelings for you and how much I shall miss you, brother. You deserved to say farewell in front of the stadium's applauding crowd in appreciation of all the wonderful moments.

[You built history at the club, and your place in it will never be erased. Nobody can take that away from you,] said Fernandes. Best wishes for you and your family in the future.

Featured Image Credit: Getty - Instagram/marcusrashford
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